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The Works

The Babylon Deception debuted in August 2021. It went to #2 on Amazon's Noir Crime list in September.


A simple business trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco gets complicated by fires, drug pushers, and neo-Nazis. Did we mention street gangs, plutonium, and gold bars? It's another heartwarming episode in the lives of our two favorite wise guys, Nick and Jimmy, who made it through with only a few scratches in Disappearing Act: A Las Vegas Love Story, Sort of..., the first book in the Wise Guys You'll Love If You Know What's Good For You series.

Available at Amazon.com

Disappearing Act hit the top of Amazon's Hard_Boiled Mystery list in June 2021.


A Las Vegas Magician Disappears.

Two Million Bucks Are Missing.

Chicago Wants Its Money.

What does any of this have to do with Area 51?

Or Roswell?

Can two wise guys, a hooker and a lesbian softball team save the day?

Bearstone Blackie, Detective

"If you haven’t had the pleasure of a real, rib-tickling, falling-in-the-aisles laugh in a while, then it’s high time you get yourself a copy of Ray Pace’s Bearstone Blackie, Detective! The world of fairy tales and nursery rhymes you once knew and cherished is now wobbling on a new, lopsided axis when viewed through the cockeyed lens of Bearstone Blackie, the world’s first Black Bear detective. You may think you know humor and comic hilarity, but you ain’t heard/seen/read nothin’ till you’ve rubbed your funny bone on this clever masterpiece of wit and humorous wisdom, literally dripping with adult-strength bon mot and badinage."

D.F. Dempster, reviewer

Hemingway in Hawaii: War Would Come, Death Would Follow

Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn visited Hawaii on their way to China in early 1941. Did a prize Marlin and a hunt for Bighorn sheep on the Big Island lead to a literary classic and the Nobel Prize? One of Hawaii's leading writers, Ray Pace takes the reader on an unforgettable journey into the possibilities.

"True to the Hemingway style yet also the author's own style meshed in. Couldn't put the book down."... Rudolf Waldner, reviewer.

Hemingway, Memories of Les

Les Hemingway was an accomplished writer and adventurer who happened to be standing in the shadow cast by one of the English language's all-time great authors, his brother Ernest.

"There was a sense of both the magic and the tragedy involved with the Hemingway name; it could open doors, and it could also be a big pain. Here was my friend who had a career most writers would die for. He had written a best-selling book, had reported for major dailies, had freelanced for several magazines, and lived in a beautiful place in South Florida. It wasn’t enough for the critics and maybe naggingly never enough for him because he wasn’t Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway."

Captain Mike's Honolulu Fright Night Tour

Captain Mike's Honolulu Fright Night Tour, entertainment for the adventurous tourist, or an uncomfortable brush with death? Ride along with Captain Mike and tour guide Yvette as they bridge both sides of the darkened veil.